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Trash & Recycling

Allen Township Trash & Recycling Curbside Trash and Recycling Collection
As a service to its residents and property owners, Allen Township contracts with a garbage hauler to provide regular weekly curbside garbage collection and bi-weekly recycling collection (under the current contract).

The current contractor for the Township is J.P. Mascaro and Sons (effective June 2022). The contract with J.P. Mascaro and Sons begins with their first curbside collection on Friday June 3rd, 2022 (this includes a one-day adjustment due to the Memorial Day holiday).

For service questions or issues, please contact J.P. Mascaro & Sons at 1-800-333-4624

Garbage Collection
Pursuant to the J.P. Mascaro contract (3-year contract commencing June 2022), weekly curbside garbage collection will be unlimited. Please place your trash at the curb by 6 PM each Wednesday for collection on Thursday, with the exceptions of holidays listed on the collection calendar.

Please reference the calendar below with regard to noted holidays, when collection will occur on Friday. The Township does not provide trash cans. If desired, garbage cans can be purchased at a hardware store at the resident's expense.

Recycling Collection
Residents will continue to utilize the green recycling containers (or older red or blue containers with the Allen Township logo), which are available at the Township building. Recycling collection will continue on the existing bi-weekly schedule. While recycling amounts remain unlimited, the most important goal is to avoid contamination of valuable, clean recyclable materials in your recycling bins by not mixing these materials with un-recyclable junk – which include plastic bags, plastic wrap, straws and bottle caps.

Please refer to the JP Mascaro & Sons (Allen Township) webpage for further information regarding the curbside collection of your recyclables at JP Mascaro & Sons Allen Township Collection Guidelines. Collection of recycling for the Township will be divided into two (2) collection zones – the North Zone (residences North of Route 329 and ON Route 329) and the South Zone (residences South of Route 329).

If you are unsure of which recycling zone you are in, please refer to the Collection Zones Map. This map does not visually represent all streets as some may be hidden by the labels. Residents may also contact the Township Municipal Office to determine their collection zone.

Please click HERE for Allen Township Trash and Recycling Calendar.

Please click HERE for the most recent mailing from JP Mascaro & Sons to residents.

Bulk Curbside Collection
Each residence may put one (1) bulk item at the curb with their weekly garbage collection. Bulk items include those items too large to fit into a normal garbage can and are further defined as items having the approximate size and weight of a standard size sofa that can be carried by two (2) men. Examples include furniture, porcelain sinks/toilets, mattresses, rolled up and tied rugs no larger than 3’x6’. Due to a growing problem with bed bugs, all mattresses and box springs must be wrapped with plastic before placement at the curb for collection. Unacceptable materials that will NOT be collected include construction materials, hazardous waste, electronics, tires, yard waste, and grass clippings.

2024 White/Metal Goods Collection
Appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers (with doors and Freon removed), washers, dryers, hot water heaters, dehumidifiers, bicycles, and lawnmowers (with oil and gas removed), BBQ grills (with gas and/or charcoal removed), and various other household metal items will be accepted twice (Spring and Fall) on the dates listed below. Electronics are not included in the White/Metal Goods curbside collection dates.

  • March 14th, 2024 (Spring Collection)
  • November 14th, 2024 (Fall Collection)

The Allen Township Electronic Recycling Event (for Township residents only) has been scheduled for Saturday, August 10, 2024 from 9AM to 12 NOON at the Allen Township Fire Company Building.

If you are unsure if an item is categorized as White/Metal Goods, Bulk, or Electronics, give the Township Office (610-262-7012) or JP Mascaro and Sons (1-800-333-4624) a call prior to placing your item at the curb.

Allen Township Yard Waste Drop Off
Yard waste is no longer allowed in landfills in the State of Pennsylvania. Unlimited amounts of yard waste (such as leaves, branches, twigs, flowers, roots, bushes, and garden clippings) may be brought to the Allen Township Municipal Drop Off (located at 4714 Indian Trail Road Northampton, PA 18067) during the hours listed below. Proof of residency will be required for yard waste drop off.

Allen Township Yard Waste Drop Off Hours

  • Monday through Friday (with the exception of Township holidays): 7:00AM to 3:00PM
  • Saturdays (April 6th, 2024 to October 19th, 2024): 8:00AM to 1:00PM

When dropping off your yard waste materials the following rules apply:
Yard waste is accepted in loose form only. NO BAGS!


  • Grass clippings
  • Tree stumps
  • Loose soils
  • Sod
  • Any wood or tree limbs over four (4) inches in diameter
  • Human or animal excrement
  • Noxious weeds
  • Soils contaminated with hazardous substances

Additionally, Allen Township residents may utilize The First Regional Compost Authority Central Processing Site located at 6701 Weaversville Road. FRCA has a new Facebook Page!

Click HERE to view their New FACEBOOK page.

The Authority accepts the same yard waste as listed above as well as grass clippings. However, the Authority reserves the right to limit the amount of grass clippings accepted due to PADEP regulatory permit compliance. Allen Township recommends residents opt to recycling grass clippings on their properties as an alternative measure to the bagging of grass clippings with the use of a mulching mower.

Curbside Christmas Tree Collection
Allen Township residents may place their live/real Christmas trees curbside for collection by the Public Works Department. Please place your undecorated Christmas tree curbside on the evening prior to the collection. Public Works will continue to drive around the municipality throughout January to collect trees on Thursdays with your regular garbage collection. Residents who wish to dispose of their tree in this manner must remove all ornaments, tinsel, decorations, and lights from the tree before placing it curbside. If you need to speak with the Public Works Department directly, they can be reached at 610-262-7012 ext. 105.”

Used motor oil
The Township Municipal Garage (located at 4714 Indian Trail Road Northampton, PA 18067) accepts used motor oil during our normal business hours. Please supply proof of residency to the Administrative Staff prior to proceeding to leave your used oil containers. This drop off site is for used motor oil ONLY.

Electronics Recycling
Beginning January 24th, 2013, a disposal ban on covered devices went into effect in Pennsylvania. From this point forward, no person may dispose of a covered device, or any of its components, with their municipal solid waste. These items are required to either be transferred to certified electronics recycling facilities (if the item is intact) or treated as hazardous waste (if the item has been physically broken and the original components are not intact).

Covered devices include: desktop computers, laptop computers, computer monitors, computer peripherals and televisions. The Township and Northampton County periodically schedules drop off events for acceptance of Electronic Items for recycling.

Other Recycling Resources

www.earth911.com will help you locate a recycling center near you for items not taken curbside by the trash and recycling hauler.

www.aerc.com AERC Recycling Solutions in Allentown PA 610-797-7608 will also take various items. Please contact them for pricing. There will be a cost to you for disposal.

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