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Allen Township


Allen Township Allen Township
4714 Indian Trail Road
Northampton, PA 18067

Email: info@allentownship.org
Phone: 610-262-7012
Fax: 610-262-7364

Township Staff

The administration of the Township is under the direction of Ilene Eckhart who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Township and reports to the Board of Supervisors.

There are three functional areas of the Township: Administration, Zoning/Code Enforcement and Public Works.

The Manager oversees all fiscal elements of the Township including budget preparation and management, purchasing, contract management, financial reporting, information technology, and human resources.

Unless noted, any of the staff listed below can be reached by calling the telephone number above or you can click on the envelope icon to send an email.

Office Administration
Ilene Eckhart - Township Manager / Treasurer
Amber Averbeck - Assistant Manager/Assistant Treasurer
James Young - Zoning Officer
Maurin Ritinski - Administrative Assistant

Walter Diefenderfer - Code Enforcement Officer (ext 104)
Base Engineering Inc. (Cindy Witman, Tino Nocchi, Tim Campion) - Building Code Officials - 610-437-0978

Board of Supervisors
Dale Hassler - Chairman - 610-262-8787
Paul Link - Vice Chairman - 610-262-7012
Gary Behler - Supervisor - 610-262-7012
Jason Frack - Supervisor - 610-262-7012
Tim Paul - Supervisor - 610-262-7012

Public Works
Tom Gogle - Crew Leader

Emergency Management
Gary Krill - Emergency Management Coordinator

Fire Department
Dale Hassler - Fire Chief / Fire Marshall

Carolyn Davis - Real Estate Tax Collector - 610 262-7842

Planning Commission
David Austin - Chairman
Felipe Resendez Jr - Vice Chairman
Gary Krill - Member
Gary Behler - Member
Paul Link - Member

Zoning Hearing Board
Harold Dashuta - Chairman
Paul Mauser - Vice Chairman
Anthony Czonska - Secretary
Stephen Keller - Member

Stan Wojciechowski, PE, CME - Township Engineer | Barry Isett & Associates, Inc. | 610-398-0904
B. Lincoln Treadwell, Jr. Esq. - Township Solicitor | Treadwell Law Offices, LLC | 610-866-7711
Daniel G. Spengler, Esq. - Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor | 610-837-7855
Alex Ulmer - Sewage Enforcement Officer (On-lot) | Barry Isett & Associates, Inc. | 484-928-8127
Andrea Martin, EIT - Public Building Sewer Inspector (Laterals) | 610-398-0904

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