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Allen Township

General Information - FAQs

Allen Township Must I get a moving permit?
Any person or persons moving into, out of, or within the Township must obtain a moving permit. Permits are issued at the Township Office during regular business hours, but all taxes must be paid in full to obtain the permit. Moving permits are $10.00.

Must I place a certain house address numbering sign at my property?
Allen Township requires the posting of a specific address numbering sign at each property. For more information, please review the informational brochure HERE.

In what school district is Allen Township?
Northampton Area School District
2014 Laubach Avenue
Northampton, PA. 18067
610 262-7811

What are the regulations for a Residential Block Party?
Fill out the application found in the Forms and Documents Section and submit the Form to the Township at least 2 weeks prior to the event. Each event requires Board of Supervisors approval.

How may I contact the Real Estate Tax Collector or obtain tax forms?
For Real Estate Tax Information, please contact the Elected Real Estate Collector pursuant to the information found in the Administrative Directory.

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