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Public Works - Snow Removal

Public Works - Snow Removal Winter storms can range from moderate snow over a few hours to a blizzard that lasts for several days. Regardless of the severity of the storm, Allen Township wants the community to be prepared and remain safe during these events.

In addition, to Township roads, Allen Township currently provides Winter Maintenance Services to the following Commonwealth Roads through a Winter Maintenance Service Agreement with PennDOT: Indian Trail, Weaversville, Howertown, Old Carriage, Kreidersville, Cherryville and portions of Seemsville Road.

Allen Township recognizes the importance of snow removal not only to residents, but for everyone who needs to travel to and/or through the Township.

Please help us, help you during a snow event by doing the following: Once snow accumulates three (3) inches or more and until the roadway is cleared by the Public Works Department or PennDOT, no vehicle, trailer or camper may be parked along the roadway.

It is impossible for snowplows to avoid having snow placed at the bottom of driveways. Unfortunately, this is the reality of snow removal.

Keeping sidewalks safe is an important winter concern. Please clear snow, sleet and ice from sidewalks in front of your property no more than 24 hours after a storm.

Please do not shovel, blow or plow the snow from your driveway and/or sidewalks into the street.

Remove trash and recycling cans from the roadway to avoid damages.

Keep the storm water inlet open near your property. Keeping it open will prevent flooding and icing conditions on the road.

If you have a fire hydrant on your property, please help the Fire Company help you by clearing 3 feet in all directions so it is visible from the road and easily accessible to connect a fire hose. Snow accumulation or the result of plowing and snow clearing can completely cover or restrict access to fire hydrants.

After a severe storm, the Public Works Department is required to clear Township roads and right-of-ways of fallen trees/branches (not in electrical wires) for traffic and accessibility should there be an emergency. Should trees/branches belonging to a homeowner fall on a road or right-of-way, the Department will clear the obstruction from the roadway – but it is the responsibility of the homeowner for its proper disposal.

To avoid any interruption in your mail service from the post office, please remove all snow from in front of your mailbox. Additionally, check that your mailbox and post are in good repair and that they are behind the curb, not leaning out over the street and that your house number is not blocked.

The Road Crew works extremely hard to make traveling on Township roads safe for everyone. Please be patient and allow time for them to arrive in your area and effectively remove snow and ice from the streets.

What is a Snow Emergency?
Declaring a Snow Emergency in the Township helps ensure the safety and efficiency of the employees working to remove the snow and ice. When Allen Township declares a “Snow Emergency’ it is broadcast on WFMZ – Channel 69, the Township website and other social media. If the Township declares a Snow Emergency parking on all Township streets is prohibited pursuant to Chapter 15 of the Code of Allen Township. It also provides better and easier access to roads for police, fire and emergency medical services vehicle access as this becomes a very busy time for our emergency responders.

No vehicles shall be parked to impede or obstruct snow/ice removal efforts or create a hazardous condition.

Please remove cars, trailers, boat or campers as well as trash cans and recycle containers from the street.

Sidewalks should be cleared or covered with salt or similar substances or materials within 24 hours after the cessation of the snow/ice event.

If possible, please stay off the roadways and allow crews to clear the roads. If you are out on the roadways and come upon downed wires DO NOT approach or touch them.

Allen Township appreciates your cooperation and hopes that all residents understand that a snow emergency is not intended to inconvenience but rather to be helpful in promoting the most effective and efficient removal of snow and ice from the Township roads.

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