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Allen Township

Public Works Department

Allen Township The Township Public Works crew provides many important public services for Township residents. The crew consists of full-time workers, the Public Works Crew Leader and multiple seasonal workers.

There are over 40 miles of public roads in Allen Township. Over 26 miles are the responsibility of the Township crew. The other 14 miles are maintained by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT).

PennDOT's responsibilities included numbered highways Route 329 (Nor-Bath Boulevard) as well as Cherryville, Old Carriage, Seemsville Road, Weaversville, Howertown and Indian Trail Road.

The Township Public Works Department is responsible for maintenance of Township roads and facilities, maintenance review of new and existing infrastructure, and administration of construction contracts.

The Department maintains roadways, curbing, sidewalks, signs, signals, pavement markings and roadside vegetation along Township Roads.

The Department responds as necessary to any weather related situation which adversely impacts Township roads. At times during the winter season, there will be 24-hour coverage during prolonged snowfalls.

The Department oversees the satellite yard waste drop off located at the Township Municipal Building and coordinates containerized delivers of material with First Regional Compost Authority staff.

The Department maintains the Storm water Management System including the Township's system of regional detention areas which have been dedicated to the Township including: stormwater pipes, inlets, swales, and basins.

Other Department responsibilities include the annual Township bidding of road resurfacing for completion by contract. The Township Manager acquires input from the Public Works Crew Leader concerning specifications of bids for road, storm water, buildings and parks projects; as well as other supply contracts such as: gasoline, diesel fuel, concrete, aggregates, and asphalt.

In addition to its major functions, the Public Works Department has responsibilities for the following:

  • Public grounds maintenance including the Township Buildings
  • Truck, vehicle and equipment maintenance
  • Scheduled contract maintenance of public sewer lines and sewer pump station facilities owned and operated by Allen Township
  • Maintenance of Township Parks and associated equipment

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