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Allen Township

Finance / Taxes

Allen Township The Manager oversees day to day operations of the Township and reports to the Board of Supervisors.

There are three functional areas of the Township: Administration, Zoning/Code Enforcement and Public Works.

The Manager oversees all fiscal elements of the Township including budget preparation and management, purchasing, contract management, financial reporting, information technology, and human resources.

Real Estate Tax Collection
Per the Second Class Township Code, the position of Real Estate Tax Collector is an elected position. If no one is elected or the elected party declines the post, the Township Manager (or another staff member) is appointed by the Board of Supervisors as the elected Tax Collector.

There are three Real Estate bills levied per year. These include County mailed out in January, Township mailed out in March and the School District bills are mailed sometime after July 1. There are discount, face and penalty periods for all bills. Please see bill for due dates. Owners of new homes will receive a supplemental tax bill for partial year occupancy of their home.

Taxes Paid from Escrow: Not all lending institutions request tax bills from our Tax Collector. If there is no notation on your bill, please forward your bill to your lender with a note requesting that they submit a letter in writing to the Tax Collector for the next billing cycle. Supplemental bills might not be paid through escrow.

Please contact your mortgage company for payment information.

APRIL 30, 2023 is the last day to pay Allen Township Real Estate Tax Bill for the Discount Amount.

All Township Real Estate tax payments must be mailed or paid in person at:
First Northern Bank and Trust
102 Commerce Drive
Northampton, PA 18067

The bank will not accept your payment without the entire Real Estate tax bill.

Important steps when paying by Check or Personal On-line Bill Pay
All checks must be made payable to "Allen Township Tax Collector". Any deviation from this specific wording will result in non-acceptance of your payment.

  • When completing your check: Legal line and numeric line must match, reference parcel ID on the memo line and check must be dated and signed.
  • If paying taxes for multiple properties on a single check, please notate all tax parcel IDs or bill numbers on the check. The Township is not responsible for delayed payments if your payment is applied to an incorrect parcel ID.
  • If you currently use online bill pay with your personal bank, please reference either your tax parcel ID or your bill number.
  • Please be aware that when using your personal online bill pay, your bank physically prints and mails a check to the Township Real Estate Tax Collector. Do not wait until the end of the grace period to make payment since we may not receive it for several days.
  • The Township Real Estate Tax Collector is required by state law to deposit payments within 48 hours. Postdated checks will be returned to your billing address unprocessed.

Earned Income Tax
The Northampton County Tax Collection Committee has contracted with Keystone Collections Group for the collection of the earned income tax from all Northampton County residents as well as the employees of all township businesses.

The tax is 1.2% of an individual's gross earned income. Of the 1.2% collected, Allen Township receives 0.5% and the Northampton Area School District receives 0.7%. The contact information for Keystone is:

Keystone Collections Group
546 Wendel Road
Irwin, PA 15642

Telephone No.: 1-866-539-1100 or (724) 978-0300
Fax: (724) 978-0339

Local Office
Seidersville Hall
3700 Old Philadelphia Pike
Suite A
Bethlehem, PA 18015

Telephone: 888-519-3897
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30AM-12PM and 12:30PM-4:00PM

Earned Income Tax forms will be mailed to residents from Keystone Collections Group by mid-February of each year. Forms for individuals and employers can also be found on Keystone's web site. Any questions related to Earned Income Tax should be directed to Keystone Collections Group at the number noted above.

Local Services Tax
The Allen Township Administrative Office collects the Local Service Tax on behalf of Allen Township. This is a $52.00 per year tax levied at $1 per week on people working in the Township. A low income exemption is available for individuals earning less than $12,000 annually. The exemption form is available HERE.

Individuals who work for more than one employer and have had the tax deducted more than once may claim a refund. The form is available HERE.

For more information, please contact the Township Municipal Office.

Tax FAQs

What are current Tax Rates for Allen Township residents?

Real Estate Taxes:
County-10.8 mills; Township-5 mills; School District-55.71 mills (rates as of 07/10/2023)

Township Earned Income Tax:
0.7%; School Earned Income Tax - 0.5% Allen Township

Township Local Services Tax:
$52/Annually (deducted from earnings by employer)

State Income Tax:

Real Estate Transfer Tax:
total of 2% on the purchase price is comprised of the following distribution - State 1%; Northampton Area School District - 0.5%; and Allen Township 0.5%.

Rates in other municipalities may differ.

How may I contact the Real Estate Tax Collector or obtain tax forms?
For Real Estate Tax Information, please contact the Elected Real Estate Collector pursuant to the information found in the Administrative Directory.

Additional Information - Current Audit and Budget

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