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Fire / EMS FAQs

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expand What are township regulations regarding burning?

expand Why it is so important for me to have my house address posted?

expand Why should the numbers be reflective and why should the numbers be so large?

expand How is an Emergency Responder going to see my reflective numbers on my home
if I live way off of the road?

expand I have my address on my mailbox, isn't that enough?

expand Should my house address be visible from both directions of the street?

expand I am going to tell the Emergency Dispatcher exactly where I am when I call,
so won't that be enough?

expand I have called 911 before and no one had a problem finding me, so shouldn't they
be able to find me again?

expand During my last emergency I had someone who was there with me go outside my
home to flag down the responding emergency units letting them know where I
was, can't I just get someone to do that again if I have another emergency?

expand I have my address on my front door or on my front porch but we never use the
front door - we always use the side or back door, should I consider posting my
address there also?

expand Can I have my address posted in too many places on my property?

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