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4714 Indian Trail Road
Northampton, PA 18067
Phone: 610.262.7012
Fax: 610.262.7364
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Board of Supervisors

Allen Township Allen Township is a Second Class Township as classified in the Second Class Township Code Act of May 1, 1933. The Township is governed by a Board of Supervisors composed of five members.

Each is elected by the registered voters of Allen Township and serves a term of six years. Some of the responsibilities of the Board include budgeting and appropriating funds, adopting ordinances and resolutions to establish rules and regulations, and working collectively with other Township organizations for the benefit of Allen Township residents.

Board of Supervisors (Elected 6-Year Term)
   Dale Hassler    Chairman (term expires 1/1/26) Email 610-262-8787
   Gary Behler    Vice Chairman (appointed until 1/1/24; term expires 1/1/24) Email
   Jason Frack    Supervisor (term expires 1/1/24)
   Paul Link    Supervisor (appointed until 1/1/24; term expires 1/1/26)
   Tim Paul    Supervisor (term expires 1/1/28)

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